Upgrading from Windows-7 to Windows-10
        As at 13-Sep-2019, the released MINDEXii
® system will run under Windows-10 build 1903 or later.
        However, there are internal differences in W10 that can prevent the MINDEXii add-ons from functioning. 

        If you have either the OPCS engine, the PAS interface or the ICE-HL7 exporter installed, then a full
        upgrade of your MINDEXii system will be required - please contact us. Essentially, those add-ons
        need to be totally redeveloped to take care of the Windows-10 internal changes.

        Moving MINDEXii to a fresh Windows-10 platform
        If you are upgrading the PC to a fresh copy (or a brand new PC), the following needs to be performed:

        1. Note the license number installed on the old PC (it will be in the range 620000 thru 621999).
        2. Note the target of the desktop icon on the old PC that calls MINDEXii.
        3. Note ALL of the the drive mappings/permissions on the old PC (including C:).
        4. Take a full copy of all MINDEXii folders on the old C: drive - at the very minimum, these will be
            C:\MINDEXii.SYS (or in some cases 62####ii.SYS or 62####.SYS)
            C:\MINDEXii.TMP (or in some cases 62####ii.TMP or 62####.TMP)
            and in some cases where the PC is not networked:
            C:\MINDEXii.CUS (or in some cases 62####ii.CUS or 62####.CUS)
            C:\MINDEXii.DAT (or in some cases 62####ii.DAT or 62####.DAT)
            and move those folders onto the new C: drive, ensuring that the same permissions for each
            user are copied.
        5. Using the information noted in (2) above, create a new desktop icon that calls the same target.
        6. The file called 62####.CF2 that lives in the C:\MINDEXii.SYS folder contains a line like this:
            [PATH_WPC]=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10. You must check that this is the
            correct location of the 'Word' startup file WINWORD.EXE and if not, edit it with Notepad. Note:
            editing this .CF2 file with any editor other than Notepad will render the file inoperable.
        7. MINDEXii should now run and you will need to email us for a fresh install key.
        8. Once entered, and the very first time that you run it, MINDEXii will check the compatability of
            the various interfaces.
        In order that automated error reporting and automated upgrading continues to function, the PC
        needs ftp permissions to send and receive files to/from www.medistat.net. If these are blocked,
        continued support and upgrading will cease and any problems that arise will require a physical
        engineer to visit your site (at your cost). Please note that all of our support is provided as web-
        based and our contracts do not include on-site engineer visits.














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