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is our primary software product. This Patient Data Management system was originally developed in 1986 for MS-DOS and has regularly been updated for the latest platform, as at 2022 this is Windows 11. The product does NOT not depend upon any third-party database engines (thankyou Mr Gates but we want our independance!).

This means that we can therefore retain full control over MINDEXii at the lowest possible level and indeed have developed our own absolutely optimised engine specifically  for Healthcare type databases with no compromise.

The system holds all of the usual patient demographics including ICD9/10 disease codes along with outcode codes (for case-mix analysis). A vast range of standardised workload reports are available, including the [now obsolete] KH13 type analysis. A search filter allows the extraction of all records meeting values within the users defined ranges.

The package is modular and this allows for the 'bolting-on' of an increasing range of modules. Those currently available include:

Requesting System. We can now provide our own stand-alone module that is made  available on ALL workstations (wards, clinics etc). The user simply selects this by clicking an icon and is presented with a typical 'request' form for consultation. Once the mandatory fields have  been completed, that request is electronically sent (via an intermediate request file) to MINDEXii.

Incoming requests are presented to a given workstation in the provider (EEG, ECG, MRI) Department for automatic entry into MINDEXii. At that stage, they may be printed, according to the needs of the provider.

Results Reporting Communications System. There are various standards around and if not already developed, we can probably meet any criteria as long as the accepting system can import  intermediate results files. Not only is this a safer method in that neither system directly accesses the others datafiles, it is vastly simpler to test and debug prior to implementation. At present, we can meet the HBOC Open Interface esults reporting protocol and the HL7 standard protcols.

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