What is MINDEX?

MINDEX is a comprehensive patient management (database) system which enables the permanent storage and retrieval of patient data. It also allows the receiving of electronic requests and the sending of electronic appointments and results.

MINDEX started development back in 1987 and has continued to evolve in line with the changing requirements of the NHS and the many private practitioners using it.  Medistat pride ourselves on our support record - in the 27 years of supporting MINDEX, it has remained current and in many cases ahead of the new statistical needs of the NHS.

Interfaces - Results/Reports.
MINDEX support numerous standards for data exchange and has been interfaced to a wide range of EEG and EP systems. The majority of these use standard 'Word' outputs and MINDEX can automatically import these into the correct patient record for indefinate storage and retrieval.

Patient data is transparently moved from MINDEX into each new Word document which is then stored and optionally exported to PAS or other external systems. Specifically, we have a converter that extracts the result information from the Word reports and writes it into HL7 files for transmission to PAS/HISS/ICE. This HL7 (Health Language 7) has become the defacto standard for the movement of healthcare data and further info can be found at www.hl7.org.

The future.
MINDEXii is currently (Aug-2014) under development and will be released by the end of January next. More info soon....